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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of bitcoini.com?

The website's primary purpose is to provide the most convenient, easy, quick and secure way to buy/sell bitcoins with various payment methods. We strive to offer you the easiest and quickest way to convert your bitcoins into fiat currency, and vice versa. Using our website you can acquire your cash or coins within minutes. We value our clients highly and try to accommodate the needs of every one of them in the best way possible.

How do I use bitcoini.com?

All you have to do is register at the website and place an order through your profile. You will be able to select the payment method most convenient to you. After we receive the sum, mentioned in your order, we will send the bitcoins to the address which you have provided. The minimum amount that you can buy or sell is 0.5 bitcoins.

What bitcoin reserves does bitcoini.com have?

We try to always keep bitcoins available at any time. In any case, when you are filling your order and you enter an amount that you wish to buy/sell that is not currently available, the website system will automatically inform you regarding the highest amount of coins/cash we can currently cover. Even if we do not have the quantity of coins you require, we will do everything possible to deliver them to you, as quickly as possible - please contact us by using the website's chat function.

How secure is bitcoini.com?

Learning from the experience of those who came before us, we have decided not to stora any sensitive information, bitcoins or money on our website. The orders are quickly processed and the transfer of bitcoins and money are completed using channels which are disconnected form the website.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first digital currency, which enjoys certain characteristics not common to any other currency, currently known to mankind. The most important of those include:

  • Lack of any central institution or authority, which controls and manages it. No banks, no regulators and no authorities directly influence Bitcoin. The price is determined solely on the basis of supply and demand.

  • It works on the basis of peer-to-peer (p2p) communication, much like torrents. This means that all transactions are executed between the participants themselves, circumventing any intermediaries. In this way the transactions are completed much faster and with no additional charges.

  • Anonymity. Thanks to the implementation of the p2p principle, participant identification is very hard.

  • Security. This is one of the currency's most important traits. Bitcoin transactions are completely secure and final. The whole system functions on the basis of complex cryptographic algorithms, which are fundamental to Bitcoin itself.

  • Predictive supply. Another interesting characteristic of Bitcoin is that it can be produced by anyone. This can be accomplished by using computer power, which in its turn is required for the functioning of the whole system. Anyone who starts making these complex calculations using his computer, is being rewarded with Bitcoins. The process is called "mining", but in fact it is closer to "servicing" the whole system. This poses the question - if anyone can create bitcoins, would not that reduce the currency's value? This problem has been solved elegantly. The higher the number of produced Bitcoins, the higher the difficulty of the calculations, and the more difficult it becomes to create Bitcoins, the higher their value.

Thanks to these qualities, Bitcoin has the potential to change the world of money and its global popularity increases on a daily basis.

Who created Bitcoin?

According to official information the creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese programmer. This person, however, has never appeared in public and most probably protects his true identity due to the nature of the project that he has initiated. Currently, the Bitcoin network is being serviced by a growing number of users from around the world.

How do I use Bitcoin?

In order to receive or send Bitcoins you have to install a Bitcoin client - the software which constitutes your Bitcoin wallet. It is freely available on the official Bitcoin site: http://bitcoin.org. This is an open-source software, which not only can be used by anyone for free, but its manner of functioning is completely transparent. Anyone who possesses the required skills can look at its code and find out how it actually works.